Talk Dirty to Your Sex Partner
When initiating dirty talk, using phrases like "I want you" or "I love it when you..." can be incredibly effective. These simple but powerful statements can ignite desire and set the mood for a steamy sexual encounter.

9 Tips for How to Talk Dirty to Your Sex Partner

Following the #MeToo movement, is it still OK to talk dirty to a woman? We’ve found some good advice to share with you on how to talk dirty while still being respectful, and, staying sexy! Dirty talk doesn’t come naturally to everyone. In reality, it can be extremely awkward. But it’s a skill you can learn. So how do you …

The Pleasure of Dirty Talk
See how incorporating dirty talk can deepen intimacy, enhance communication and add excitement to our relationships with these tips for beginning a sexy conversation and expanding it beyond the bedroom. Photo by Rebekahrae.

Embrace the Journey: The Pleasure of Dirty Talk in Relationships

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Social & Personal Relationships, verbal communication during sex can significantly enhance the overall pleasures of sexual experiences. It’s unfortunate that society’s outdated beliefs have labeled this form of expression as “dirty talk,” because there is truly nothing unclean or dirty about it. Nevertheless, in any dynamic, and especially when it …