Tana Mongeau in a bikini top
"Together we are breaking the stigma of female masturbation". YouTuber Tana Mongeau said she was just trying to to help “break the stigma” that’s attached to female masturbation, and to help women sleep better while forced to stay at home from the coronavirus lockdown. She also wants to sell a few vibrators. Photo credit Tana Mongeau Instagram post.

Tana Mongeau Promotes Female Masturbation While Grocery Shopping In A Bikini

Tana Mongeau gave some shoppers a nice view of fresh melons when she wore a bikini top while pandemic grocery shopping. Tana did wear a facemask, too, but it’s safe to assume that some customers probably wanted to get a little closer than the 6 foot social distancing guidelines to give those nice huge melons a squeeze. Tana was apparently …