Talk Dirty to Your Sex Partner
When initiating dirty talk, using phrases like "I want you" or "I love it when you..." can be incredibly effective. These simple but powerful statements can ignite desire and set the mood for a steamy sexual encounter.

9 Tips for How to Talk Dirty to Your Sex Partner

Following the #MeToo movement, is it still OK to talk dirty to a woman? We’ve found some good advice to share with you on how to talk dirty while still being respectful, and, staying sexy! Dirty talk doesn’t come naturally to everyone. In reality, it can be extremely awkward. But it’s a skill you can learn. So how do you …

An arrest warrant for simple battery was issued against Odell Beckham Jr. for slapping a security guard on his ass.

Odell Beckham Jr. Slaps Security Officer on the Butt, Gets Arrest Warrant

An arrest warrant for simple battery was issued for Odell Beckham Jr., 27, after the Cleveland Browns wide receiver slapped the buttocks of a security guard in locker room of the New Orleans Mercedes-Benz Superdome. After LSU’s 42-25 defeat of Clemson at the College Football Playoff National Championship game, a New Orleans Police public information officer said the arrest warrant …