Nicki Minaj chats to men - don't cum too quickly
Nicki Minaj chats to men - Don't cum too quickly unless you can go two rounds. Photo credit: NickiMinajX / CC BY-ND 2.0.

Nicki Minaj Chats About Her Sex Life with Twitter Followers

In a Q&A chat session with her Twitter fans, 39 year old Nicki Minaj gave insight on her personal life when she chatted about sex and what pleases her in the bedroom.

Nicki said, “A b***h like me used to give a grace period. After that, you gettin cussed out every time. They figure it out REAL QUICK! Either dat or [peace],”

When asked “What if they cum too quick?”, Nicki Minaj replied, “Cum quick = go quick. Bye sir. Unless they can go two rounds after. I’ll excuse the first round cuz I know you excited boo.”

The Trinidadian-born rapper, singer/songwriter and season 12 American Idol judge said, “I wish I WOULD be sittin there moaning and groaning when I actually wanna punch dis dummy right in his fkn head top.”

When another Nicki Minaj fan typed in the Twitter chat that she fakes orgasms all the time, Nicki answered by telling the unsatisfied woman, “I HAVE never and WILL never understand why women do this. How will your partner learn how to make [you] feel good if you aren’t honest with him?”

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