MI State Senator Peter Lucido tells female reporter high school boys could have a lot of fun with her

Michigan Senator Tells Female Reporter High School Boys Could Have a Lot of Fun With Her

Macomb County, MI State Senator Peter Lucido (R) told a 22 year old female reporter, Allison Donahue of the Michigan Advance, that a group of visiting boys from De La Salle High School that was touring the capital could have “A lot of fun with them” or “They could have a lot of fun with her.”

Donahue said, “I was immediately embarrassed. The entire hallway filled with laughter and it was embarrassing”

“I wanted to walk down the hallway and just walk away, I wanted to leave, I want to go back and say ‘I couldn’t do that story today,'” Donahue continued, “It was sexist and I don’t think he would’ve said that to a male reporter.”

After learning of the incident both Republican and Democratic Senate leaders announced they have asked the Senate Business Office to investigate if the incident violated Senate rules related to sexual harassment.

On the Senate floor Lucido recounted, “I said it to an all girls’ school last week, ‘how would you like to have all the boys from the Senate come over?’. Those words are who I am,”

Lucido said he felt the quote was taken out of context and out of proportion, and said he did not feel he owes the reporter an apology.

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