sex chat for long distance relationships

How to use sex chat for a long distance relationship

You obviously can’t have real, physical sex with your loved one when you are apart, especially if you are in a long-distance relationship. But you don’t have to keep your sexual energy bottled up until you see each other again. Keeping the sexual chemistry alive is more important than ever when you’re away from each other.

If you can’t physically touch your girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife, fuck buddy or significant other, your relationship becomes less romantic and can lose the intimacy. So how do you keep the sexual spark alive? Get creative, and be willing and open to experiment with something new using sex chat.

While you’re apart, try sexting throughout the day. When sexting, start slow, texting flirty messages saying what you want to do when you are together again and gradually build up the conversation with more explicit and sexual suggestions and desires. Try to induce intimate, erotic pictures and sexual movies playing in their mind to stir up those private, sexual feelings the two of you share together. You can also send and share nude pictures of each other to keep that sexual desire alive.

sexting tips for long distance relationships

Don’t just send sexual text messages, talk on the phone, too. Your voice is very powerful when you are away from your loved one, and there is nothing wrong with a little phone sex. Bring up your past sexual experiences together and fantasize about, even plan, your future sexual fantasies when you are together again. Use dirty talk as you reminisce about the hottest sexual experiences you had with each other.

You can even talk about new sex toys you can try together, like using a remote app sex toy that you can use to control your partner’s pleasure, and even bring your partner to orgasm even though you could be miles away. Ever thought about role-play sex when masturbating together? All good sexual role playing starts with sharing your fantasy, so there’s probably no better time to do that then when you’re apart.

So, how do you use sex chat for long distance relationships? Send flirty, teasing text messages about the last time you were together intimately, and fantasize about the next time you’ll see each other, describing exactly what you want to do to your partner, and what you want your partner to do to you. And get creative! And don’t forget, you can always use the private chat rooms at NastyChat, they’re limited to only two people so no one can interrupt your sex chat fun.

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