girl talking dirty through text and sexting

How to talk dity through text

Everyone wants to try, it but not everyone knows where to begin. So how do you start talking dirty in text messages?

First of all, make sure both of you want to talk dirty over text. And if isn’t working, stop. Butf it is, keep going have fun! Always remember, sexting should never be disrespectful or abusive in any way, it is meant to be playful and sexually stimulating.

How to Start Texting Dirty

Ease into it! Begin by setting the mood with a little texting foreplay, saying things like, “I can’t stop thinking about you”, and, “I wish we were together right now”, then start mentioning the hottest sexual positions or other kinky and arousing things you did together the last time you were intimate. Tell your partner how good it felt when he or she did something that made you feel especially aroused. If you’re uncomfortable typing out the dirty phrases you want to say at first, try using emojis for sex texting. Emojis can help you say what your mouth and fingers can’t just yet.

After he or she responds, keep moving the conversation in a dirty direction until you’re both ready for more, then gradually start the real explicit dirty text talking.

If you’re a woman, lead up to the more dirtier sex texting by saying things like, “I want you inside me,” and “you’re making me so wet.” For guys, you can say something like, “I want to taste you,” and “I want to feel how wet you are.” or “I won’t be able to control myself, You’re never going to want me to stop.”

To get your sex partner even more turned on, describe in detail what you would do if you were in bed together, and what you wish your partner was doing to you, guiding him or her through it with dirty talk by making sex texting sound as visual as possible.

Some X rated sexting examples, for him, could be: Take my cock in your mouth… Stroke my hard cock faster.
For her: Put your fingers deep in my pussy… I want your hard cock inside me… Push my head down onto your cock… Fuck me from behind…

So you probably get the idea. Sexting can be a great way to tell someone what really turns you on, and what your dirty needs and fantasies are. Keep them wanting more, so they can’t wait to see what comes next.

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