Geraldo Rivera Says GOP Rep. Gets ‘Sexual Pleasure' from Destruction at Airports
Geraldo Rivera Says GOP Rep. Gets ‘Sexual Pleasure' from Destruction at Airports

Geraldo Rivera Says GOP Rep. Roy Gets ‘Sexual Pleasure from Chaos at Airports

Long time talk show host and Fox News analyst Geraldo Rivera accused GOP Congressman Chip Roy (R- TX) of “getting sexual pleasure” off the disruption at airports across the country after Roy tweeted, “This makes me happier than I can possibly articulate. Eat it, @SouthwestAir.” in response to the chaotic scenes at airports following hundreds of cancellations by Southwest Air.

After reading Roy’s “eat it” tweet out loud, Geraldo Rivera said the Texas Republican was an “ideological lunatic” on Fox’s The Five with Jesse Watters, adding, “This is a guy getting almost sexual pleasure from the chaos and the destruction!”

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