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Nicki Minaj chats to men - don't cum too quickly

Nicki Minaj Chats About Her Sex Life with Twitter Followers

In a Q&A chat session with her Twitter fans, 39 year old Nicki Minaj gave insight on her personal life when she chatted about sex and what pleases her in the bedroom. Nicki said, “A b***h like me used to give a grace period. After that, you gettin cussed out every time. They figure it ...
Adele pole dances at London strip club

Adele Loves Being Female, Pole Dances at London Strip Club

When Adele surprised the audience of a London strip Club when she visited the G-A-Y’s Porn Idol event at London’s Heaven Nightclub with some of her friends, Adele also took the stage to perform an impromptu pole dance routine of her own for her fans. The Grammy winning artist Adele, who’s full name is Adele ...