Sopranos star Annabella Sciorra testified in detail how Harvey Weinstein raped her -
Sopranos star Annabella Sciorra testified in detail how Harvey Weinstein raped her. Photo by David Shankbone - David Shankbone, CC BY 3.0

Annabella Sciorra: Weinstein ‘Ejaculated on Top of Me’

Annabella Sciorra took the witness stand on January 23, 2020, and holding back tears, testified how Harvey Weinstein raped her after an industry dinner 1993 or 1994.

Sciorra, one of Hollywood’s top actresses and star of ‘The Sopranos’, said that after Harvey Weinstein dropped her off at here Manhattan apartment, he pushed himself into her apartment, ““He kept coming at me and I felt very overpowered because he was very big,” Annabella said, “He led me into the bedroom and he shoved me onto the bed. I can’t tell you exactly when his pants came off or exactly what happened. I don’t think his shirt ever got completely off. … As I was trying to get him off of me — I was punching him, I was kicking him — and he took my hands and put them over my head, he put my hands over my head to hold them back and he got on top of me and he raped me. He put his penis inside my vagina. He had intercourse while I was trying to fight but I couldn’t fight anymore because he had my hands locked.”

Sciorra recalled how Weinstein pulled out of her and “ejaculated on top of me, on my nightgown”, saying that Winstein then said “I have perfect timing” before putting his mouth on her vagina, saying, “This is for you”.

“[And] I didn’t have very much fight left inside me at this point. I said, ‘No, no.’ But there was not much I could do at that point. My body shut down. It was just so disgusting that my body started to shake in a way that was very unusual. I didn’t even really know what was happening. It was like a seizure or something.” Sciorra said.

After said that the incident she “pretended it never happened because I wanted to get back to my life. … I resumed my life to the best of my ability.”, adding that she didn’t call the police because “Weinstein was someone she knew, a “nice person” and an “OK guy”, before the alleged sexual assault occurred.

“I would say at the time that I felt rape was something that happened in a back alley in a dark place by somebody you didn’t know holding a gun to your head,” Sciorra said.

“I did not want to talk about what happened,” she said. “I disappeared. I began to drink a lot. I began to cut myself. … I didn’t feel good and I didn’t want to go out, so I spent a lot of time alone.”

Sciorra told the jurors how she later confronted Weinstein about the attack and what his reply to her was, “I tried to talk to him about what happened and I told him how I woke up and that I blacked out, naked, and he said, ‘ ‘That’s what all the nice Catholic girls say.” Then he leaned into me and said, ‘This remains between you and I.’ It was very menacing. His eyes were black and I thought he was going to hit me right there. And it was threatening. And I was afraid.”

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